Investing for beginners

Learn how to make the right decisions from the start.

In this session, we’ll give you the confidence to start your investment journey. We’ll give you an understanding of how to invest and where to look to make your first investments the right way.

From R500 2 hours

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Learn how to make the right decisions from the start.

Investing even very small amounts can reap big rewards.

For many people, the word “investing” makes them think of men in suits, monitoring the exchange of millions of dollars on a stock ticker.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to be the Wolf of Wall Street to start investing. Even if you only have a few rands to spare, your money will grow with compound interest.

The key to building wealth is developing good habits—like regularly putting money away every month. Swap out the barista-made coffee at home and you could already be saving more than R50 a month.

Once you have a little money to play with, you can start to invest.

  • Learn the difference between saving and investing
  • What you didn’t learn in school
  • What you don’t learn from professionals
  • How to invest
  • Understand investment vs return
  • How to create an investment strategy that works for you
  • Where to invest
  • Passive or active investment for effiency
  • How to grow your wealth year on year


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