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The ultimate guide to live your life on your own terms

Become an insider and understand the world of money, learn how it grows, what to do with it, how to take control of it and how to set up your own systems to manage it so you can live on your own terms.


This course includes:

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Course overview

Nabeel Khan is an award-winning financial planner that has helped individual and corporate clients from industries that range from financial services, retail, manufacturing, IT, film and sport, make better financial decisions, increase profits and set them on their own path to financial success.

In this MasterClass, he teaches you how to think, what to unlearn, understand the principles of money management, how to build your own success map and shares everything he’s learned on his journey as a leader in his industry for you to master your money, and live a fulfilled life on your own terms.

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This course includes:

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This course includes:

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What you will learn

Master Class content

Introduction to the course

Why do you want to be financially free?

Why you should be your own financial advisor.

Why money is just a piece of the puzzle.

What happens if you don’t take control?

The misunderstanding of financial planning and having a money plan

What is your why?

Know yourself to master yourself.

Reflection exercise


How to win with money.

What are you worth? 

Money in, money.

How to set up your cash flow and create a budget.


Importance of knowing where you want to be.

Re-connect your today with where you want to be. 

Creating your vision board.

What is the cost of your vision? Your financial freedom number.

Wall Flip theory. 6 steps to one mindedness.

The level playing field. 


Become a player.

How does money grow.

What if you’re in debt?

Where can you find more money?

Financial industry and investing traps.

The single most important skill you need to succeed.


What is Financial Planning?

The ultimate Insurance set up.

The ultimate Investment set up.

The ultimate account set up.


Become the CEO of your life.

The Perfect Financial Advisor

One final lesson

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