Insurance and investment comparative quotes.

Insurance & investing

How do you know that you have the best product for your goal?

Here’s a fact. Everyone is going to sell you on why their product is the best or cheapest.
Avoid the catches, hidden fees and gaps while getting the most from your financial products from a product specialist.

Don’t pay more than you have to.

Medical Insurance 8 1

Life Insurance

Shariah compliant options included

Coverage for the loss of income and liabilities.  Life’s WHAT IFs.

What if you die? Get disabled? Lose your income? Suffer a severe illness?

Life insurance is also used to protect the loss of income in businesses through partnership agreements, Buy and sell agreements, Key employees and more

Asset 2 1


Shariah compliant options included

You invest your money to grow it. You do this through an investment product. Your investment strategy is obviously important but what’s guaranteed to lower your return are the costs you pay… and every product comes at a price.

Compare retirement products, unit trusts, etfs, endowments, deposits and more.

Other financial products & services

Time is money. Admin is boring. Don’t leave saving your money on a “to-do list”

Here’s an insider secret on short term insurance. The longer you’ve been claim free, the lower your price should be and the higher your chance of getting a cheaper price.

Leave your details and a product specialist Will help you get it done.

House insurance 8 1

Home Insurance

Coverage for your personal belongings, liability protection, Asset protection, Specified protection (wedding rings etc),
building & structural and more.

Auto insurance 8 1

Auto Insurance

Provide financial coverage against physical damage, accidents, theft and more.

Medical Aid 8 1

Medical Aid

Medical aid, medical insurance/health plans and gap cover.

Medical Insurance 8 1

Will & fiduciary

The most important document of your life. The biggest “I’ll do it later” problem of them all.

Get your will done or updated now.

Law insurance 8 1

Employee benefits

Your company ticks the box of having a “corporate social responsibility“. What else do you really know about it? What do your employees think about their benefits and costs? group risk insurance for employees, group retirement, group medical and more.

Asset 12 8

Business and commercial insurance

Covers a variety of risks such as damage to your premises, business interruption resulting in loss of revenue (how was 2020) and more.

Do it properly.

Make sure you are covered properly at the best price

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